Hearing Things

Hearing Things | An R&D Audio Experience devised for VAULT Festival 

Have you ever wondered what it sounds like in someone else's mind? Maybe you've thought that the voices in yours are so loud that everyone must be able to hear them? Hearing Things is a collection of short audio stories that takes place inside your head - put on some headphones and...


Hearing Things was devised, written and recorded for Vault Festival 2016, a pop-up Arts Festival in the tunnels beneath Waterloo Station. We asked nine writers to share the voices in their heads on a certain January afternoon, and invited festival-goers to listen to these stories in and around the public spaces of The Vaults while they waited for shows to start, queued at the box office or relaxed in the bars or restaurant. This Research and Development project was created by SPECIFIQ in early 2016.


Rebecca Collingwood
Neil Connolly
Matt Houlihan
Florence Roberts
Lydia Thomson


Tessa Coates
Jon Cooper
Lucy Drury
Seif El-Rashidi
Emily Jenkins
Stevie Martin
Roland Smith
Lydia Thomson
Adam Usden

Created by SPECIFIQ

Special thanks to Jon Cooper and Lydia Thomson.