Mystery at the Museum

Mystery at the Museum | An After Hours Adventure at the National Maritime Museum

A lady approaches you from the shadows, "Have you seen my husband?" she asks, frantically pressing you for a response. You offer to help and she tells you what she knows - her husband, the Director of the Museum, has disappeared. His obsession with a new artefact, a strange, unearthly object discovered deep in the North Sea, has spiralled out of control. She sends you to interrogate the security guard who was on duty last night, handing you a phone number scrawled on a business card. "This might help", she says, and continues her search elsewhere.

Museum Director Matthew Cavanagh disappeared leaving a bizarre trail of seemingly inexplicable clues behind him. One of the museum's recent acquisitions, the Belaying Pin from the Lady Lovibond, the centrepiece for a new exhibition on Maritime Hauntings, has also gone missing. With the help of his wife, several colleagues from the Museum and the security guard who last set eyes on him, audience were invited to piece together the mystery of his disappearance.

Mystery at the Museum was an entertaining and atmospheric after hours adventure at the National Maritime Museum. The show sold out for Halloween 2016. 


Martin Coat
Neil Connolly
Tobias Deacon
Amy Fleming
Liam Fleming
Guy Kelly
Rowena Lennon
Ben Starr
Stella Taylor
Sarah Thomas-Lane


Director: Oscar Blustin
Designer: SPECIFIQ
Producer: Becky Brown

Stage Manager: Jodell Hill
Deputy Stage Manager: Heather J. Christie
Assistant Stage Managers: Ellie Haffenden, Lauren Manning, Anson Williams

'A thoroughly enjoyable evening.  I really liked the little touches like being able to call a phone number on a printout of an email left in the gallery and listen to one of the character’s voicemail messages.  These touches really brought the story to life and made us feel like detectives.' - Audience reaction to Mystery at the Museum

'SPECIFIQ are truly driven and committed to delivering on their promise of offering site-specific experiences with exceptional storytelling and production values. Their professionalism, heart and talent make them a fantastic company to work with.' - Jeff Marks, National Maritime Museum

'Mystery at the Museum was the best thing I produced this year. It animated the Museum and it's collection in wholly unexpected ways, bringing our stories to life for brand new audiences. Ambitious, dedicated and totally professional, SPECIFIQ's commitment to respecting and reflecting the history of the Museum's collections was a pleasure to work with.' - Katherine McAlpine, Public Programmes Producer, National Maritime Museum