Quarantine | Dark Tales of Disease at Sea

A triptych of theatrical experiences exploring the ethically-charged history of maritime quarantine. Moving through the National Maritime Museum after dark, audiences witnessed a series of true stories before putting their experience to the test in an interactive quarantine scenario.

Quarantine was commissioned by the National Maritime Museum in association with the Wellcome Trust and ran over a period of four weeks in Spring 2019.


The Guides – Rosaleen Burton, Robert Thompson
Philip and Cristie – Patrick Fysh, Rowena Lennon
Maggie’s Story – Jonathan Blaydon, Amy Fleming


Philip and Cristie – Mat Burt, Jessica Butcher, Emily Jenkins
Maggie’s Story – Barry McStay
Concept, Introduction and Game Design – Oscar Blustin


Director – Emily Jenkins
Stage Manager – Roshan Conn
Assistant Stage Manager – Ting-chi Chuang
Assistant Stage Manager – Joanna Penso
Lighting Assistant: Saul Valiunas
Costume Design: Ylana Lovell
Producer – Becky Brown, SPECIFIQ


This production would not have been possible without the invaluable support of Hans Biorn-Lian and the whole staff of the National Maritime Museum. We are extremely grateful to Mark Harrison and the Wellcome Trust, whose generosity and belief brought this production out of its two-year quarantine.

Production Photography: Matthew Kaltenborn