Space to Create at the National Theatre

Space to Create | A Summer Programme at the National Theatre

In August 2017, SPECIFIQ was invited to take part in Space to Create at the National Theatre. Space to Create is a programme allowing young people to collaborate with established artists from across the UK to create bold, new performances. SPECIFIQ worked with 19 young people aged 16-22, introducing them to interactive and immersive theatre. Over five days, they participated in active workshops, gaining essential skills for working in this style. 

The week concluded with two public sharings of 'A Map to Zodiac', a 20 minute piece created in collaboration with the young people using SPECIFIQ's own unique artistic practice. 

The project took place between 14-18 Augst 2017 at the National Theatre London as part of the Summer Space to Create programme.


National Theatre 16-21: Youth Programme © Emma Hare and Dan Weill


Workshops and sharing created by: 

Becky Brown, Creative Producer for SPECIFIQ
Neil Connolly, Associate Artist for SPECIFIQ 

Special thanks

All the participants, Hannah Cox, Beth Nesbitt and all the members of the National Theatre Learning Team

'I don't have enough words to thank Becky and Neil for everything you taught us last week. I hope you understand how much we all want to thank you for giving us some of the best, most chaotic and downright weirdest times of our lives (that's a compliment). Please continue to do what you do because you have inspired us and we will never forget how you made us feel, whether was excited yet nervous or dying with laughter or absolutely petrified.' -  Participant

'Thank you! I had a great 5 days, and it definitely opened my eyes to a different side of theatre thats really caught my imagination' - Participant