The Gypsy Princess

The Gypsy Princess | Private Event in Oxfordshire 

If you look very closely you're likely to find,
In the dark, dusty corners of  everyone's mind,
An assortment of items abandoned in haste -
Some simply forgotten, some others misplaced,
But craning your neck into crannies and cracks,
Past the strange foreign coins, and the spilt candle wax,
Then down through the floorboards, beneath all the mess,
You'll glimpse, in a photo, the Gypsy Princess.
With a sepia tint and an aging vignette,
The portrait shows off her unkempt silhouette.
In a colourful flurry of skirts, she stands tall,
With a mischievous smile and a moth-eaten shawl.
"But why is she here in the back of my mind?
How did she come to be hither consigned?"
Patience, my child, you'll know all before long,
Just follow the lanterns on hearing the gong,
And find in the forest, at her latest address,
The beautiful, magical, Gypsy Princess.

The Gypsy Princess is an immersive and interactive entertainment for children aged 6-10, and was first presented at a private party near Aston Tirrold, Oxfordshire, in July 2013. With beautifully crafted, hand-made magical objects, the story inspires and empowers children to enter a fantasy world with tangible evidence. They can touch, investigate, and sometimes even taste the artefacts that they find, giving a firm foundation for the Gypsy Princess' enthralling catalogue of adventures.


Tessa Coates


Creators: Oscar Blustin & Tessa Coates
Designer: SPECIFIQ