The ‘Neath

The 'Neath | An Immersive Fantasy for VAULT Festival 2017

There is a crossroad between worlds, where reality thins and cracks begin to appear. The journey between dimensions is neither quick nor easy, and sometimes travellers need a place to rest and relax, and to drink. We call this place The ‘Neath.



The ‘Neath was an immersive experience produced and curated by SPECIFIQ and Dean Rodgers (HEIST, Time Run, The Crystal Maze Live Experience) for VAULT Festival 2017. The 'Neath sold out over its week-long run and was awarded the prestigious 'Spirit of the Festival Award'. 

The interactive bar featured performances and stories created by some of London’s most exciting immersive theatre makers, including: Martin Coat (Director of Theatre at Boomtown Fair and Co-Artistic Director of Dank Parish), differencEngine (HEIST, The People’s Revolt), Sarah Morris (formerly of Apocalypse Events), Deirdre McLaughlin, and Natalie Scott and Joseph Thorpe (Artistic Directors of The Lab Collective). 

Clare Buckingham
Ros Burton
Neil Connolly
Holli Dillon
Amy Fleming
Liam Fleming
Tom Giles
Jake Hassam
Matthew Kaltenborn
Stella Taylor
Rob Thompson
and The Wild Hunt (see below)

Installation performance creators:
Witchcraft – Jon Cooper (differencEngine)
The Trolls – Joseph Thorpe and Natalie Scott
The Soul Seekers and Graddock the Greedy – Sarah Morris
The Wild Hunt – Deirdre McLaughlin
Other interactions created by SPECIFIQ, Dean Rodgers, and members of the company.


Creators: Oscar Blustin and Dean Rodgers
Creative Producer: Becky Brown
Associate Director: Martin Coat
Designer: Kat Heath
Associate Designer: Dev Danzig
Assistant Designer: Abigail Screen
Lighting Designer: Sherry Coenen
Sound Designer: Dan Jeffries
Production Manager: Fergus Waldron
Stage Manager: Jodell Hill
Assistant Stage Manager: Ed Butler


Special thanks
VAULT Festival team (in particular Andy and Mat), Robin Dell, Caroline Narracott, Heather J Christie, Heather J. Harnett and Gail Sixsmith.


Cast A (Thurs, early Sat, late Sun):
Keziah Methuen-Jones
Robert Adlam
Conor Mainwaring
Freddie Cambanakis
Matteo Franco
Cameron Butterwick

Cast B (Dress, early Fri, late Sat):
Vinay Lad
Davinia Hamilton
Charlie Ives
Rosie Hague
Mikey Anthony-Howe
Johnny Duffy

Cast C (Wed, late Fri, early Sun):
Thomas Fitzgerald
Kaigan Garcia
Sophie Milnes
Jennifer Kay
Annabel Hammond
Kieran Faulkner